The sunlight that rises
On a world of surprises,
In the child who smiles
Or the friend who goes miles,
These are the rhythms of love.The burst of singsong
Of a new morning’s dawn,
For the birth of a child
Or the haunts of the wild,
These are the rhythms of life.

The early day’s break
Or the time that we take,
To reflect on the past
And a future to last,
These are the rhythms for now.

The wealth that we reap
Or the memories we keep,
Like the breeze thru the trees
Or the falling of leaves,
These are the rhythms to come.

— Feb 6,1995

There are some things that you are born with that cannot be taken away. It’s impossible. But sometimes, life’s journey turns out to be a search for them. One of these things is worth — self–worth — a quality that cannot be given to you, and cannot be taken away — it’s innate.

Once you have found your self–worth, you can give it a definition, or not. Your choice. You can share your external experiences with it, or not. Your choice. You can love it, weep with it, or share your joys with it.

Your self–worth will accept you unconditionally. No judgment, no better or worse, no good or bad. These are words that don’t exist in its vocabulary.

Your self–worth is like an inner skin that you can see as clearly as you can see the skin that houses your whole self. But it’s colored with love and joy. If you nurture it, your self–worth, your love of your inner self, will grow and expand until it can touch everything, and everyone around you. You will radiate along with your inner life.

Your eyes will the world as new, your heart will feel with emotions you thought were just fictional, and your body will touch everyone, and everything with warmth.

And all of it will return to you in ways you could not have imagined.

Circle in the moss Your inner self is an island, and an island is a circle. So is your life. The first step you take to walk around it is also the last, is the first. . . And the first can only be defined when you have taken the last.

But there are hundreds of circles in your life, all interconnected like the links of a chain, each one distinct, but all necessary to complete the whole.

No one circle is more important that another, or less. Some of them are links with the past — memories, and others are bonds to the future — hopes and dreams, and the point at which they connect is today – right now.

From your point of right now, you can choose either direction: the past, where you will find memories which should never be judged, but are always a repetition of themselves; or, you can elect to move forward into the future, where memories are your companions, your teachers, your guides, and the challenge is exciting, sometimes demanding, but always — always — the parent of new memories, new worlds, new experiences.

If you choose to look forward, it doesn’t mean you abandon your past. You will find in your journey that each circle, each island, is joined to the next, like the links of the chain of your life.

It is the gift you were born with — your own precious rhythms of life.

— some thoughts,
— Wendy E. Scott
— Feb 15, 1995

note: I wrote the above and sent it to my brother Paul after a lengthy telephone conversation in which he was very depressed, and unhappy about the past, and what he perceived to be lost


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