A Machine Error

October 1, 2017

Emmate was tired, the soles of his feet were callused and his stomach growled incessantly from hunger. The trek across the steep hills and valleys was an arduous exercise in survival. But, he had made it to this little town deep in the transitional forest with just enough energy to seek help and a reprieve.

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Disappearance by Default

September 29, 2017

“Where the hell are they?” This statement had been repeated dozens of times ever since the H.M.S.S. New Hebrides confirmed it’s sub-light configuration and entry into our solar system’s outer thermosphere. All communications and telemetry were transmitted and received via a Cray Dark Star Interface, the only thermal plasma computer of its kind in existence,

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The Sleeping Gods

November 23, 2015

Wild dogs ate the High Priest Smith.   This fact was solemnly reported by little Annie Hutchins, who was properly scolded by her parents for sneaking out of the compound. Then she was turned over to the clan’s elders for a thorough questioning. They tried to impress upon her the gravity of such an outrageous

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